Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finals Week...Yay!

I'm really not that excited over finals...I just couldn't think of another title. It's kind of nice this semester, I only have three actual finals...and one of them is online to take. For two other classes I only have to do a presentation and turn stuff in. The best part about this semester...I don't have to do a jury for my piano lessons!!! I mean...I did have a really big jury earlier in the semester with my senior recital, but still.

Audrina only has four finals of course. She's been able to work on one of her's for the past three or four weeks though...and one of them will only take about 20 minutes. I swear, every other major is easier than music ed. I picked the wrong field to go into.

Granted...neither one of us is the brain from The Breakfast Club, but I think we'll do alright.
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